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Your Kid is Not Bad

I had a client in the studio yesterday for a newborn session and she mentioned that she was a little nervous about how it would go. This isn’t the first parent with this concern. She said that her daughter had been fussy the night before and slept a lot before they got there. Later when she was feeding her, I could tell that she was concerned about whether we would get she shots she wanted or if we would run out of time. She offered to hand the baby back when she felt that she had just enough to not be upset. I told her to let baby eat until she was done. We were fine.

Mamas…it is fine. Your kids are fine. Your babies aren’t cranky and your toddlers aren’t bad and I am absolutely not judging your parenting when the session doesn’t go like everyone hopes or thinks it will. Newborns are newborns and they run the show. If they don’t want to sleep, well we are trained in ways to help them fall asleep and stay asleep. If they still don’t sleep, we can still get some amazing and sweet shots with their eyes open. Will we get every shot you want? Maybe not, but they can still be beautiful. We anticipate that newborns will need to eat and be soothed and rocked and changed. We are not going to cut your session short or omit any shots. Now, there are times when baby will only do certain poses and doesn’t want to sleep, but as long as they aren’t uncomfortable, we will get the shots based on what they want to do. But, I promise you, I am not mad because your baby won’t sleep.

Toddlers are toddlers and they are not meant to sit still. We can try very hard to get those posed shots you want, but if we can’t, I promise the candid shots are going to melt your heart. They are curious and full of energy and have very little attention span, so the window for getting the still shots is tight. But, if it takes a minute, I promise you, I’m not mad. I am not judging you because your toddler acts like a toddler.

I wanted to write about this topic specifically to remind everyone that capturing these images isn’t just about remembering what they look like at this age. It is about remembering who they were. It’s nice to have the posed portraits, but it is also nice to look at an image where your child is running, or smelling flowers or throwing a stick and remember their sweet personality and free spirit.

This image was from a session where mom was a nervous wreck about how her baby would do in the session.

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