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How to Prepare for your Maternity Photography Session

We understand, baby will be here in just a few months and you are busy making sure everything is in place for the arrival of your newborn. Your maternity photography session is on your mind, but perhaps not right at the top.

Below are a few tips to help you prepare for the make the most of your maternity session. This day is about you, after all, and the journey you are on. Let’s make it amazing!

Schedule and Plan Your Maternity Session

After your maternity session is scheduled, we will invite you in for a design consultation. During your maternity design consultation, we will discuss art, locations, ideas and everything else we need to design your perfect maternity session. You will view couture maternity gowns available to our clients and we will help you select the perfect one for your session. We will also discuss wardrobe for everyone else participating in the session.

Maternity Photography Session.  Throne.
Queen Maternity Session

Rest and Drink Plenty of Water

Maternity photography sessions can really take it out of you. The session may last a little longer than a usual session so that we can build in breaks for you to rest if necessary. Staying hydrated prior to the session will help keep you energized and it is great for the skin. Get plenty of rest as well. Hydration and rest can help minimize the possibility of cramps while posing during your session. Make sure you eat prior to your session as well. You will burn a lot of energy during your session.

Before and Ever Maternity Gown. Maternity Photography
Couture Maternity Gown

Plan to be Pampered

We provide a luxury maternity experience, which means we take care of everything. We have a wonderful relationship with a magnificent hair and makeup artist. If you elect to have hair and makeup done for your session, we can coordinate that for you. You arrive about an hour and a half early and the artist will come to the studio so you are ready to move right into your session when she is finished.

Maternity Photography Session
Mansion Maternity Photography

Have fun!

We will direct and pose you and help you embrace the stunning beauty that you are. Pregnancy should be celebrated. You will want to remember this time and amazing journey you are on. We will help you do that and have so much fun in the process.

Have more questions about your maternity session? Give us a call and we will discuss all of them.

Couture Maternity Gowns
Maternity Photography Session

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