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Get in the Picture!

I have mentioned several times that moms need to make sure that they are in the pictures as well as the rest of the family. Many times, we are so concerned with our weight, double chin, hair or wardrobe that we miss out on things that will remind generations to come who we are. It may even be for reasons as simple as the fact that we are always the ones taking the pictures.

After hearing a conversation about the reasons why several young women did not want to do a fabric shoot, I challenged several of them to “get in the picture”. Most reasons had to do with body image and it just crushed me. The husband response to these images was an astounding “hell yea!” And I hope that the moms will show these images to their daughters and others and explain why they were so important. The feed back I received afterward was that the images made them feel beautiful, sexy and empowered. They said that during the shoot they were so much more comfortable that they thought they would be.

When our children and grandchildren look at images of us, they don’t see our weight or messy hair or the top we didn’t like. They see people that they love and admire and will always cherish.

Below are several reasons to get in the picture. If you have been avoiding it, I hope you make the decision to create these memories.

Why you should get in the picture:

1. Future generations need to know who you were. They need to look at images and know where they come from.

2. When we are gone, this is what your children and grandchildren will have to remember you. There is something so special about looking a picture of a loved one and seeing a smile that just calms a heart.

3. You are teaching younger generations to move past the idea that we have to worry about all of the reasons that might keep them from getting in the picture. Parents are the strength and guiding force for children. If they see you in the picture being your best self, they are more likely to follow suit.

What legacy will you leave? What will the world know about you in years to come?

HMU: Dina Tapia and Lizette Martinez Perez

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